Boat & Jet Ski Launching

Boat launching is tradition at the harbour club throughout the year…

The Harbour Club possesses a slip way to the river Adur, know throughout Shoreham as one of the better slip ways because of the proximity of the club to the river mouth, you can normally get in or out of the river within two hours of low tide!

To use our slip way Shoreham Port Authority stipulate you have to be a member of the club, you will also need valid insurance for your craft & a Shoreham Port river licence (which can be obtained through the club, currently from £45pa)

Costs are £110 pa (starting in March /April) for a key to use our slip way, If you are not a member you would have to become one, single membership is from only £50pa. Being a member of the club is useful as can vouch from the 50 or so key holders for the slip way we have, there’s nothing like having a refreshing drink or a bite to eat after a hard days boating or a long day fishing!

Our boat yard includes water & hose facilities to wash your craft & hose through your engine, along with ample parking for you to store your trailer.

Membership Costs

Single membership – £50pa
Family Membership (Spouse or partner living together & or with children under 18) – £65pa
Country Membership (Living 10 or more miles from the club) – £50pa

Membership renewal is in April of each year, in September up to January membership costs are halved.

Boat Launching Costs

£110 pa for key to boat yard plus £45 for a Shoreham Port river licence (if you haven’t already got one)

Boat launching Fees are renewed in April / May of each year. In September up to January boat launching fees are halved.

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